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Prior to 2007, the Centre for Research and Education in Human Services published the Keystones NewsReport. Keystones was a vehicle for sharing research, insights, and stories of innovation in human services. Published once a year and mailed to several hundred members of our network across Canada, the NewsReport focused on themes that emerged from Centre projects.

Volume 19, Winter 2006
Diversity: A Unifying Force?

Volume 18, Winter 2005
Reflections on Family Support

Volume 17, Winter 2004
Policy and Social Change

Volume 16, Fall 2002
Community Research - 20th Anniversary Edition

Volume 15, Fall 2001

Volume 14, Fall 2000
Citizen or Civic Participation.

Volume 13:1, Fall 1999
The Centre as an Educational Organization.

Volume 12:1, Fall 1998
Building Relationships in Community Research.

Volume 11:2, Winter 1997
Through the Eyes of Individuals With Lived Experience Within the Human Services Systems.

Volume 11:1, Spring 1997
Experiencing Organization Change in the 90's.

Volume 10:1, Summer 1996
Making Partnership Meaningful.

Volume 9:2, Winter 1994/95
Citizens with Complex Needs.

Volume 9:1, Spring 1994
Families and Human Services: Struggle and Resilience.

Volume 8:1, Summer/Fall 1993

Celebration of Learning, Part II.

Volume 7:2, Fall/Winter 1992
Celebration of Leaning, Part I.

Volume 7:1, Summer 1992
Community Research and Evaluation.

Volume 6:2, Fall 1991
It Starts With Listening.

Volume 6:1, Winter 1991
Education of Human Service Workers.

Volume 5:2, Spring/Summer 1990

The Values & Practice of Providing Personal Support.

Volume 5:1, Summer/Fall 1989
Employment and Human Services: A Contradiction?

Volume 4:2, Winter/Spring 1989
Employment and Dignity.

Volume 4:1, Winter/Spring 1988
Community Integration.

Volume 3:2, Summer/Fall 1987
Advocacy in Institutions and the Community.

Volume 3:1, Winter 1987
Independent Living and Innovation.

Volume 2:1, Fall 1985
Human Service Planning: Neglected or Co-opted?

Volume 1:2, Spring 1985
Self Determination and Equality: Growing concerns in Human Services.

Volume 1:1, Fall 1984
Human Services: Critical Social Change Issue.

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