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Monthly Professional Development Series: Project Development

Dec 09, 2011

In this session Yasir Dildar and Rich Janzen will lead an afternoon team development meeting on the various stages of Proposal Development. An integral part of CCBR's daily workings, procuring new projects ensures the sustainability of CCBR through responding to requests for proposals and proactively developing projects, as well as direct requests for CCBR specifically to work on projects.

 In this interactive presentation, Yasir will illustrate the intricacies of each of the stages involved in developing projects, specifically in response to a request for proposals. Rich will follow up with knowledge on proactively producing projects, where staff are able to draw upon their own passions, experiences and concerns within our community to spearhead a project of their own unique vision. We will conclude with a brainstorming session where small groups will create new project themes and theorize potential partners, funders, and plans of action.