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Creating a better future for communities through research

CCBR's Research Director to Present in Houston, Texas

Apr 21, 2012

Research Director Rich Janzen will be presenting at the Community-Campus Partnerships for Health’s (CCPH) 15th anniversary conference in Houston, Texas. The conference aims to nurture a growing network of community-campus partnerships that strive to solve pressing health, social and economic challenges.

During the CBPR Partnerships with Diverse Communities thematic poster session, Rich will present on the collaborative structure of the national project, “Beyond the Welcome: Churches Responding to the Immigrant Reality in Canada,” showcasing the participatory action research (PAR) partnerships that were created amongst the community (CCBR), the university (Tyndale University Seminary) and the funder (World Vision Canada). The presentation will also include a reflection on the benefits and challenges of the collaborative structure.

Rich will also present with Board of Directors member Hsiao H. d’Ailly on “Planning Transformative Change for Mental Health Services for Cultural Linguistic Communities.” This paper illustrates the value of a framework that synthesizes culture and power in planning mental health services for cultural-linguistic communities. Drawing on the community university research alliance (CURA) project, “Taking Culture Seriously in Community Mental Health”, this presentation will share the story of how diverse community and university partners attempted to implement a framework of reciprocal collaboration when planning innovative mental health programs; discuss the context-specific challenges and benefits of adopting such a collaborative planning process; and engage participants in reflecting on the values, actions and outcomes in mental health transformative change.

See poster presentation here.