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Creating a better future for communities through research

Healthy Eating in Chatham-Kent

May 20, 2012

Centre researchers, Yasir Dildar and Jennifer Walker, are working with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to provide support to a local community food security initiative. CCBR is developing data collection tools (survey, focus group and key informant interviews), analyzing the data and will write a comprehensive report for Chatham-Kent Municipality. The recommendations in the report will help the Municipality of Chatham-Kent to ensure increased use of local food and food security. This project will run from February to September 2012. For further information contact

CCBR has conducted research on healthy eating / nutrition for a few other community groups:

Most recently, First United Church in Waterloo, contracted CCBR to evaluate their senior's outreach nutrition program, where the goal was to assist seniors in making healthy eating and food preparation choices and developing social support to foster independent living. Read more about this project here.

In 2008, CCBR was contracted by the Boys and Girls Club of Peel to gather feedback from school principals, local service providers, and students about the operation of nutrition programs and their impacts on the lives of children and youth. Look here for further details.

And in 2006, CCBR evaluated a project with Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre to help low income earners make healthy nutritional choices on a budget. For more details on this evaluation go here.