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CCBR working with Social Research & Planning Council

Oct 17, 2012

CCBR was contracted with Social Research and Planning Council to conduct an in-depth analysis on the prevalence of violence against women in Perth and Huron.  Yasir Dildar, Liliana Araujo, Madalina Mirea were the researchers that worked on this project.  To follow a link to the information page for this project, click here .

There is another project relating to violence against women underway currently at CCBR.  It is an evaluation of Women's Multicultural Resource and Counseling Centre of Durham's Blueprint project entitled, Engaging Youth to Prevent Violence Against Girls and Women.  To read more about this project, go to this link .

CCBR has been involved in numerous other projects relating to violence with different populations.  In 2011, CCBR began an evaluation for Metrac's Peer Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. Youth participants identified the most pressing anti-violence issues for their peers in their school and community in six Greater Toronto Area Schools.  For more information about this project, see this page