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Violence against women: A pressing issue under study

Oct 16, 2012

Women's Multicultural Resource and Counseling Centre of Durham (WMRCC) contracted CCBR to evaluate this initiative.  Yasir Dildar and Liliana Araujo worked on this evaluation which included developing data collection tools, data analysis and the writing of a final report.  This project will take place over a six month period from July 2012 to January 2013. To go to the information page for this project click here.

Currently there is another project related to violence against women.  We are working with the Social Research and Planning Council of Perth and Huron to conduct an in depth analysis on the prevalence of violence against women In Perth & Huron.  To read more about this project go to this link.

Following the same topic of engaging youth, CCBR has conducted other projects in this theme area over the years.  One such example was a project called Engaging Youth from Diverse Ethno-Cultural Communities: A Working Model for Ontario, completed in 2007.  To find out more about this project go to this page.