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Creating a better future for communities through research

CCBR Researchers presentation: EmPeace Labs 2012

Oct 21, 2012

A video featuring CCBR Executive Director and Research Director on Participatory Action Research will be shown to EmPeace LABS 2012 International Leadership Training delegates. 

This presentation is part of a nine day conference which is taking place at Jain Hills, Jalagaon, India. The conference will bring young people from around the world to co-design and implement pilot projects that leverage local natural and human resources in building sustainable communities. It has been organized by Dr. Marek Wosinski, of Arizona State University in partnership with CCBR and others. There are 72 confirmed participants from 13 countries.

To see the conference program, look here.  View three essays on the 2012 Leadership Training Workshop here.  View group photo here.