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Creating a better future for communities through research

Needs Validation in three Ontario communities

Jan 20, 2013

CCBR conducted an extensive literature review concerning children and youth mental health and addiction services in Hamilton, Waterloo Wellington, and the District of Cochrane. The resulting needs validation reports identify local population needs, existing services and collaborations, service gaps, and recommendations, to inform the activity of service collaboratives that will seek to improve services at key transition points in the system. This study also examines the conditions specific to particular, diverse cultural groups, priority populations, and people with complex needs.

CCBR has worked on numerous projects relevant to children and youth.  One example of this was a project in 2011 with METRAC that had youth participants identify the most pressing anti-violence issues for their peers in their Greater Toronto and area schools and communities. To see more gohere.

Another example took place in 2007 when we worked with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration (MCI) to examine how diverse ethno-cultural youth in the Waterloo Region volunteer. To read more about this project gohere .

Two years prior, we were contracted by SSHRCC to conduct a Waterloo Region case study, exploring factors that maximize positive outcomes for immigrant youth in high school.  To learn more readhere .