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New book released on immigrants in Ontario cities

Feb 28, 2013

CCBR's Rich Janzen, Research Director  and Joanna Ochocka, Executive Director, are co-authors of a chapter with Margaret Walton-Roberts.  The chapter on Waterloo Region is one of 12 featured in the book called, "Immigration, Integration and Inclusion in Ontario Cities."  In addition to the chapter, CCBR is also cited in the introduction (p. 15) and the conclusion (p. 330) as a local leader in promoting immigrant integration. 

McGill Press gives this synopsis of this book, "Ontario receives the majority of newcomers to Canada, and its cities are a locus of diversity. Recognizing that the building and sustenance of "welcoming communities" is as much a local project as a national and provincial one, this volume explores the activities of municipal governments in Ontario as well as those of a number of other important "social forces" situated at the local level. Twelve city case studies are guided by a common template to facilitate comparisons and allow for an overall mapping of the players and a better estimation of the investments -- human and financial - that are required for the successful integration and inclusion of newcomers and minorities in Ontario cities. The conclusion provides a sense of the relative success (or failure) that Ontario cities have had in the creation of welcoming and inclusive communities."  See more information or purchase the book here.