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Networking Event of Spinal Cord Injury Researchers in Toronto

Oct 03, 2013

The Ontario Spinal Cord Injury Research Network (OSCIRN) Research Network Meeting was held at the Old Mill in Toronto, Ontario. The purpose of the meeting was to explore best practices, share knowledge and provide opportunities for networking and collaboration amongst spinal cord researchers and students. According to their website, OSCIRN is a “collaborative network of clinicians and scientists, from five Academic Health Science Centres in the province of Ontario, working together to facilitate multi-centre clinical research on topics related to pre-hospital care, acute treatment, rehabilitation, primary care and community re-integration of individuals with a spinal cord injury”.

Further, “the network provides an opportunity for diverse groups to share intellectual and physical resources, benefit from infrastructural supports such as an informatics platform and centralized, web-based, multi-centre study management, and introduce cost-efficiencies in the conduct of multi-site collaborations. The funder for the event is Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation. Nghia went to the meeting as part of a Centre for Community Based Research project with The Centre for Family Medicine in Kitchener, Ontario.