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Presentation at "Borders without Boundaries" by CCBR

May 26, 2014

Rich Janzen presented at a Roundtable on The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration at  The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences meeting, as part of the Canadian Society for the Study of Religion's annual meeting. His presentation is called Immigrant Settlement and Integration: Introducing a National Research Partnership.

This presentation is part of the SSHRC-funded work that CCBR is doing with partners on The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration. This project came out of earlier work done on Welcoming Churches: Responding to the Immigrant Reality in Canada.

CCBR is currently involved in another SSHRC-funded faith-based research project about Justice and Faith.

In addition, the Community Research Ethics Office (CREO) had a booth at the Congress Expo from May 24-27, 2014.  To learn more about CREO and its' relationship to the Centre for Community Based Research, read here.

Booth at 83rd Congress: CCBR and Community Research Ethics Office

Ayesha Umme-Jihad, Community Research  Ethics Office Coordinator
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Rich Janzen, Research Director, Centre for Community Based Research