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Evaluation of peer support program

Jul 01, 2014

The Centre for Community Based Research is conducting an evaluation of the KW Multicultural Centre's Peer Support Group program regarding mental health.

The KWMC implemented peer-led support groups that promote the mental health and positive settlement of culturally diverse women and men in Waterloo Region. The support groups offer ongoing opportunities to raise awareness of mental health, provide mutual aid in resolving settlement stressors (e.g. parenting, social norms, employment, and family violence). They also promote the capacity of these communities to respond to mental health issues.

The purpose of this evaluation is to evaluate the model of providing self-help and assess this program. It will also explore the possibilities of having mainstream organizations adapt this model.

This program has been one of six demonstration projects implemented based on the "Taking Culture Seriously in Community Mental Health" CURA project, led by the Centre for Community Based Research (2005-2010).