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Project on Cyber-violence: Girls and Young Women

Dec 20, 2014

The Young Women and Cyber Violence Project is a 24 month project implemented by three frontline agencies (St. Stephen's Community House Youth Services, East Metro Youth Services (EMYS), and METRAC) to engage girls and young women aged 14 - 24 of diverse racial and ethno-cultural backgrounds across the City of Toronto to identify and address cyber-violence experienced by their peers.

As the evaluator for this project, the Centre for Community Based Research will inform and equip project staff, focusing on the extent and nature of outcomes (transformational change) among participants.  As well, CCBR will seek to understand the processes of Young Women and Cyber Violence programming, and how these processes link to intended outcomes.  Finally CCBR will also look forward to the next phase of the project, recommending future directions for the implementation of strategies developed by the Young Women and Cyber Violence project.