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New article - Recovery Focused Outcomes in Mental Health

Feb 18, 2010

The Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health has just published a Special Issue on " Recovery in Community Mental Health Policy and Services: Implementation and Innovation" (Fall, 2009).  Jason Newberry (CCBR) and Allan Strong (Self-Help Alliance) contributed an article based on the ongoing system-wide evaluation of the development, implementation, and outcomes of recovery focused support coordination. You can read more about this project here

"Beyond Mental Health Maintenance: An Evaluation Framework Driven by Recovery-Focused Outcomes"


Evaluations of mental health outcomes have traditionally focused on indicators of mental health maintenance and stability. Although many jurisdictions in Canada are incorporating the principles of recovery into mental health services, evaluation practices and accountability frameworks have not kept pace with this shift in thinking. In our local regions of Waterloo and Wellington-Dufferin, Ontario, an innovative partnership between mental health agencies and consumer organizations has developed to apply principles of recovery to system-wide case management. In  this article we describe  the development of a comprehensive  logic model framework designed to assess the impact of system-wide changes to practice. The model is grounded in  the experiences, needs, and expectations of service users. This framework positions recovery-focused outcomes as alternatives  to maintenance-based outcomes and as central  to knowledge development and accountability in mental health systems.

The full article and journal can be accessed here