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Creating a better future for communities through research

Cameron McCordic, Senior Researcher

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PhD Social and Ecological Sustainability, University of Waterloo

Cameron came to CCBR in 2018 after completing a postdoctoral fellowship at the Balsillie School of International Affairs where he served as a research manager on international research projects investigating food security and refugee issues. Cameron completed his masters in Capacity Development and Extension at the University of Guelph before earning a doctorate in Social and Ecological Sustainability at the University of Waterloo.

Cameron's research investigates urban sustainable development with a specific focus on social vulnerability and food security. In pursuit of these research interests, Cameron has partnered with international research teams to manage research fieldwork across North America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Asia.

Because of these experiences, Cameron sees research as a catalyst for social change. Cameron believes that effective solutions to modern social challenges will need to be derived from research that is collaborative, interdisciplinary and oriented towards relevant action. Based on this understanding, Cameron views community-based research as an effective vehicle for driving the innovation needed to understand, and to act within, the complexity of modern social challenges.

Cameron and his family live in Cambridge, Ontario. In his free time, Cameron follows international rugby and enjoys hiking, camping, and biking. Before settling in Cambridge, Cameron lived in Chad and Kenya and continues to enjoy travelling with friends and family.