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Creating a better future for communities through research

Faith & Settlement Partnerships: Background Information


1. To conduct a series of research projects that empirically explore ways in which faith-based and settlement organizations currently collaborate, and could better collaborate, to improve settlement outcomes of newcomers to the benefit of Canadian society.

2.  To pursue a series of knowledge mobilization activities that will inform effective faith/settlement partnerships within policy and practice.

3.  To develop a network of researchers (including students and emerging scholars) as well as faith and settlement leaders that will maximize their synergy in promoting and implementing effective faith/settlement partnerships.


Year 1: Research (May 2016 - April 2017)

During the first year, a multi-method research study will be conducted adopting a community-based research approach. The study will be conducted simultaneously in four sites across Southwestern Ontario that provide different dynamics from which to study faith and settlement partnerships: London, Waterloo, Toronto, and Peel.

Research Questions

  • To what extent are faith/settlement partnerships viewed positively?
  • What types of partnerships presently exist and how could they be improved?
  • How can effective partnerships be better facilitated?

Research Activities

  • Literature review exploring partnerships between faith-based groups & settlement organizations

  • At least six case studies of promising faith & settlement partnerships across study sites

  • Online surveys exploring all main research questions, to be distributed to members of participating Local Immigration Partnerships (Peel, Toronto, Waterloo, London Middlesex)

Year 2: Knowledge Mobilization (May 2017 - May 2018)

In year two, partners will share learnings that emerged from the research study. Three sets of activities will be undertaken in order to do so:

  • Ongoing partnership communication and development

  • Year 2 knowledge products (e.g., individual method reports, cross-method and cross-site report, short briefs)

  • Year 2 knowledge exchange (e.g., local open forums, national roundtable discussions)

For more information on project activities, contact Kyla English; 519-885-1460 x 25297

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