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Creating a better future for communities through research

Media Archives

Over the years, CCBR work has been broadly disseminated by various media. Scan the list below for media articles featuring CCBR.

5-7-2011, Communities and universities join forces at CUExpo 2011

11-6-2010, The Art of Friendship

7-28-2010, Region to get $1.5 million in Trillium Foundation Grants

1-20-2010, Researcher tackles payday loan industry

9-11-2007, Study confirms job gap faced by foreign

9-8-2007, Project will encourage young immigrants to volunteer

8-4-2007, Led by survivors, mental health groups make a difference

9-12-2006, Pair earn scholarship for serving community

6-8-2006, Young immigrants ask for more English classes

6-2-2006, Study looks at drop out rate in Region

5-10-2006, Job network for new Canadians to open

1-25-2006, Network tackles 'brain-gain'

5-30-2005, Award honours work on disabilities

5-27-2005, Street youth trained on student's study on homelessness

5-13-2005, Skilled arrivals to get aid

5-7-2005, DiverseCity: A Record special report on multiculturalism in Waterloo Region

4-29-2005, Attracting immigrants vital

4-16-2005, Jobs of future will require more training, more education

4-2-2005, The high price of a new life

3-28-2005, Local group questions latest immigrant study

3-23-2005, Immigrant skills are focus of April summit

3-5-2005, Immigrants' skills wanted but wasted

2-24-2005, Hamd up for job-hunting immigrants

1-20-2005, Conference will focus on immigrant skills

9-1-2004, Two students get $1000 to study mental health

6-29-2004, Sustainability manual a boon to area non-profit groups

2-9-2004, Studying workplace barriers

12-10-2003, Making charities more effective

11-20-2003, Let's break the poverty cycle

11-13-2003, Skills go to waste

11-6-2003, Candidates sign up for forum on jobless immigrants

10-20-2003, New Canadians need good jobs more than platitudes

10-17-2003, Immigrant skills wasted

9-10-2003, Scholar to probe youth homelessness

8-7-2003, Plan's goal to ensure skill of new Canadians not wasted

5-13-2003, Survey examines immigrants' skills

1-25-2003, Dimmer switch on dreams

12-12-2002, Immigrants say their skills aren't being put....

11-14-2002, Guide aimed at helping non-profit groups

9-5-2002, Scholarship named for late social activist awarded for first time

4-24-2002, Centre for social research moving to offices in core

9-25-2001, Rent bank sponsor is needed

8-24-2001, Rent bank proposed to help homeless

3-9-2001, Study shows immigrant parent challenges

2-2-2001, Disabled people deserve all the rights of able...

2-15-2000, Immigrant experiences related at K-W forum

3-6-1999, We need our HUGS, seniors say...

1-10-1996, Talk to probe peer pressure

12-15-1995, Grant will aid services review

8-9-1995, Cruel cutbacks social policies of the Tories will...

3-23-1995, Now let's do it right with community support

2-13-1992, Rights of people judged incompetent to be examined

1-11-1992, Street games unite communities

1-21-1991, Society is better served accepting mentally...

3-13-1989, Pursuit of Leisure vital for disabled

2-28-1989, Disabled are getting a raw deal study finds