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Creating a better future for communities through research

Faith & Settlement Partnerships: Setting Immigrants and Canada Up for Success

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1. Literature Review­

Literature Review Summary

This summary highlights overarching themes of an international literature review on partnerships between faith groups and government-funded settlement agencies.

Annotated Bibliography

This annotated bibliography collates the main ideas from academic and non-academic articles related to the vision, structures, and processes of faith and settlement partnerships.

2. Organizational Survey

Organizational Survey Summary Report

This report summarizes the results of an online survey of organizations within Toronto, Peel Region, London, and Waterloo Region highlighting their on-the-ground perspectives about faith and settlement partnerships within their communities.

3. Local Case Study Reports

The Salvation Army (Toronto, Waterloo & London)

This report features partnerships between one Christian denomination (The Salvation Army) and local settlement service providers in Waterloo Region, London, and Toronto. 

Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration (London)

This report features a partnership between a culturally-based community service agency (Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support & Integration) and a government funded settlement agency (London Cross Cultural Learner Centre).

Muslim Social Services (Waterloo)

This report features partnerships that the Muslim Social Services of Kitchener Waterloo (MSS) has developed with other local settlement agencies.

Interfaith Council of Peel (Peel)

This report features a partnership between two inter-agency networks; Interfaith Council and the Peel Newcomer Strategy Group (the Local Immigration Partnership in Peel Region).

World Renew (Toronto)

This report features a partnership between World Renew (a refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holder within the Christian Reformed Church) and other local refugee resettlement service providers.

Tyndale Intercultural Ministry (TIM) Centre (Toronto) (forthcoming)

This report features how a capacity building centre (TIM), housed within Tyndale University & Seminary, encourages partnerships between evangelical churches and local settlement service providers.


November 16, 2017: P2P Conference Presentation

October 13-15, 2017: Religious Research Association Conference Presentation

September 27, 2017: Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership Research Event Presentation

September 20, 2017: North York Faith & Welcoming Communities Forum Presentation

May 27-30, 2017: CSSR (Canadian Society for the Study of Religion) Conference Presentation

May 8-9, 2017: Our Whole Society Conference Presentation

May 1-5, 2017: C2UExpo Conference Presentation

March 16-18, 2017: Metropolis Conference Presentation

December 1-2, 2016: P2P Conference Presentation

­November 3-5, 2016: CNMM (Canadian Network of Ministries to Muslims) Conference Presentation


Featured Report: Organizational Survey Summary Report

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