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Creating a better future for communities through research

Rich Janzen, Co-Executive Director

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PhD Community Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University 519-885-1460 ext. 25293

Rich Janzen has worked at CCBR since 1996, becoming Research Director in 2004 and Co-Executive Director in 2015. Rich sees research as a tool for social innovation and change - to find new ways of bringing people who are on the edge of society to live within community as full and equal members. Rich has an academic background in community psychology and religious studies. He is an adjunct assistant professor at Renison University College at the University of Waterloo.

Research and Action Interests

Rich has been involved in 130-plus community based research projects, many focused on issues of cultural diversity, mental health, or faith and society. This breadth of work has included multi-partner research initiatives, community mobilization, program/systems change evaluation, and needs assessment with direct policy impact. He is author of 37 academic publications, over 150 technical research reports, and presented at over 160 conferences, workshops and community events. Rich is an affiliated member of the Joint Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS), and a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society.

Recent Projects

Team Leader: Faith & Settlement Partnerships: Setting Immigrants and Canada up for Success

The purpose of this SSHRC-funded project is to study partnerships among faith-based and government-funded settlement organizations. This will be done in order to determine how these partnerships can better lead to positive settlement outcomes for newcomers, and ultimately benefit Canadian Society.

Team Leader: The Impact of the Syrian Refugee Influx on Local Systems of Support

The purpose of this SSHRC-IRCC funded project is to explore the disruptive impact of the recent Syrian refugee crisis on the way local communities support newcomers. This is being done in order to: (1) determine innovations in how local communities can better support refugees, and (2) determine how public policy can reinforce these innovations.

Team Leader: The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration.

    The purpose of this SSHRC-funded project is to develop a national research partnership to investigate how to better equip church groups across Canada to help immigrants and refugees settle and integrate into Canadian society.More details.

      Team Leader: Mobilizing Waterloo Region around immigrant employment.

        A series of four inter-related projects that culminated in the launch and evaluation of Waterloo Region Immigrant Employment Network (WRIEN), acomprehensive community initiative to promote local immigrant employment. More details.

          For a full listing, look in our projects directory.

          Sample Publications

          Janzen, R., Chapman, M., Reimer, S., & Ochocka, J. (in press). Community-based research and the faith-based campus. The Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Learning. Special Faith Issue, 3(1).

          Janzen, R., Ochocka, J., & Stobbe, A. (2016). Towards a theory of change for community-based research projects. The Engaged Scholar Journal: Community-Engaged Research, Teaching, and Learning, 2(2), 44-64.

          Janzen, R., Stobbe, A., Chapman, M., Watson, J. (2016). Canadian Christian churches as partners in immigrant settlement and integration. Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies. DOI: 10.1080/15562948.2015.1123792

          Janzen, R., van de Hoef, S., Stobbe, A., Carr, A., Harris, J., Kuipers, R.A., & Acero Ferrer, H. (2016). Just faith?: A national survey connecting faith and justice within the Christian Reformed Church. Review of Religious Research, 58, 229-247. DOI: 10.1007/s13644-015-0245-y.

          Janzen, R., Ngugen, N., Stobbe, A., & Araujo, L. (2015). Assessing the value of inductive and deductive outcome measures in community-based organizations: Lessons from the City Kidz evaluation. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation, 30(1), 41-63.

          Janzen, R. & Wiebe, D. (2010). Putting God in the logic model: Developing a national framework for the evaluation of faith-based organizations. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. 25(1), 1-26.

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          Other Interests

          Rich has visited over 35 countries around the world and previously worked as a cross cultural social planner in Toronto. He now lives with his family in Waterloo, Ontario. Rich is an active member of a community-minded Mennonite church located in a multicultural neighbourhood of Kitchener. He has self-published two family history books.