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Creating a better future for communities through research

Selected projects by theme

The links below connect you to web pages and web sites dedicated to selected projects. These are but a few of our many projects that we have completed since 1982. For a complete listing of CCBR projects please visit our project database.

Cultural Diversity Projects

The Role of Churches in Immigrant Settlement and Integration: Developing a National Research Partnership

Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP)

Cross "X" Generation Conversations

Local Immigration Partnership Council (LIPC)

Immigrant Employment Projects

Immigrant Skills Summit

Waterloo Region Immigrant Employment Network (WRIEN) Evaluation

Taking Culture Seriously in Community Mental Health (CURA)

Leaders Mobilizing Change

Churches Responding to the Immigrant Reality

Mental Health and Disability Projects

Evaluation of Recovery and Support Coordination in Mental Health (Waterloo-Wellington-Dufferin)

Baseline Study of Substance Use Excluding Alcohol in Waterloo Region

Evaluation of Consumer Survivor Initiatives

Knowledge Mobilization in Disability Research

Pathways Autism

Women's Issues

Echo: Improving Women's Health in Ontario

Echo: Cancer Screening Spread Project

Economic Insecurity and Poverty

Payday Lending: In Search of a Local Alternative

Payday Lending: London, Ontario

Homelessness in Waterloo Region: Evaluating a Series of Pilot Support Programs

Thunder Bay Accommodation Needs Assessment

Partnership to End Child Poverty

Aboriginal Projects

Mamow Obiki-ahwahsoowin Research Project

Youth Champions for Change: Aboriginal Education Program Evaluation

Review of Organizational Health (Six Nations)

Review of Primary Prevention / Community Support

Building Capacity for Community Based Research in Ontario's Northern First Nations

Other Projects

Community-University Partnerships Conference: Bringing Global Perspectives to Local Action (CU Expo 2011)

Renison University College Courses at CCBR

A Scan of Community Based Research in Waterloo Region

CBR Ethics Needs Assessment And Feasibility Study

Development of Community Research Ethics Office