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Creating a better future for communities through research


"I have an incredible respect and appreciation for the way the folks at CCBR all approach these sorts of partnerships. It really is clear that this is far more than work for you folks, that it is also a passion for enriching communities through continual learning and building connections. Everyone I have met from CCBR has consistently had such a strong collaborative approach. I am grateful that there are groups like yours out there as ultimately I think our communities are better places for all of us to live due to the approaches being taken across various initiatives and social justice type work".

Gail Jones, Director of Community Supports, Kerry's Place Autism Services - Central West Community Services, Mississauga.


Visit from Indonesian Delegation, June 2013

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"I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the very warm welcome and extremely interesting and practical presentation on your organization's work to the mission of Indonesian university deans and administrators. … As you could tell by the depth of their engagement in discussing with you various topics brought up by your presentation, the delegates found your presentation very applicable to their situation." Laura Edgar & Steve Tierney, Institute on Governance, Ottawa

"It has been incredible experience working with the research and evaluation team at the Centre for Community Based Research. I cannot be grateful enough to the women at METRAC who introduced me to them. It has been an enriching experience for me and I am inspired by the level of professionalism each of them demonstrated during the period they worked with us. Every request was followed up on a timely manner. I sincerely appreciate them for living up to the expectation of providing excellent services to the community. Our agency would definitely continue to make good use of their services and will refer other community agencies who can benefit from their excellent services. I strongly recommend them as you are not going to be disappointed.

Keep up the great job, Centre for Community Based Research; you are amazing."Esther Enyolu, Executive Director, Women's Multicultural Resource and Counselling Centre of Durham (WMRCC)

"Working with the team at the Centre is always a journey of ideas, challenge, insight and collaboration. Their research approach has engaged our membership, local-to-national, in an extraordinary initiative to make sense of how we chart paths to systemic change to bring about inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities and their families across all sectors of community life. There are few who would take on such a challenge, much less deliver an approach that is as participatory and productive as our work has been with the Centre." Michael Bach, Executive Vice-President, Canadian Association for Community Living

CCBR is conducting an ongoing evaluation of the London Middlesex Immigrant Employment Council (LMIEC) and issued the first cycle (after a period of 6 months) report in December 2008. The LMIEC was able to act upon a series of 'Suggestions for the Future' from that report, as it moved forward with and adapted implementation plans for the second cycle of the Employer Leadership Strategy (ELS). The LMIEC was able to take report findings to the Governance Council and since that time has developed a special recruitment strategy to specifically engage Employer Leaders from area small and medium enterprises. Jennifer Hollis, Project Manager, LMIEC

"I have worked with the Centre on three research projects. I would describe the research relationship as one of collaboration; it is not the traditional client-consultant relationship. What I appreciate most is the Centre's active commitment to the participatory process, which fully engages and respects the expertise and vision of the people they work with. There were a number of curve balls thrown at the researchers along the way, and they just never flinch! I have been fully satisfied with the process and the outcome of working with the Centre."Jane Cullingworth, Executive Director, Skills for Change (Toronto)

"I have been consistently impressed by the respect and common sense that all members of the Centre bring to the projects that they are involved in. I find the professional team at the Centre to have excellent skills in facilitation and leadership in the area of participatory research. I am especially impressed by their open, generous and non-defensive style. They are a well-grounded, solid, reliable and relevant group. We are very fortunate to have their Centre in our community." Cathy Brothers, former Executive Director, Catholic Family Counselling Centre (Region of Waterloo).

"When I accepted the position as a researcher-facilitator, I was in some way enthusiastic. I was excited about the idea of a project on immigrant mental that would include the direct and active participation of the communities who were the object of the research--in this case ethno-cultural groups. But at the same time I was skeptical. My skepticism came from other experiences in which groups were only utilized without any benefits and positive impact for the communities involved. My experience in these two years has been so positive and rich, especially regarding the participation of the ethno- cultural communities. These communities have responded so well to our call for their input and involvement. They have pushed for the creation of projects and believe that the change is possible even at an institutional level. I believe in the conscientization and mobilization of the actors involved in a process of change--something that the CURA project is successfully doing." Ana Luz Martinez, CURA Community Researcher/Facilitator

"I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the work you put into this project. I personally enjoyed our contacts and discussions. Should future clients desire a reference, do not hesitate to provide them with my name and contact information." Steve Kavanagh, Regional Director, West Central Region,Ontario March of Dimes

"Over the years we have had the opportunity to work with a number of Centre staff; it is certainly evident to us that the entire team is dedicated to making the once dry and dreaded evaluation process into an 'almost' effortless, and yes even 'enjoyable' experience. The Centre's participatory approach left our participants, staff, and management feeling like they not only had a say, but that they are being heard. The quality of these reports have made it possible for us to provide Health Canada with an accurate picture of our programs. As a community based program, the reports have also been used as an accountability tool for other funders, service providers, politicians and participants. The reports have also become a reading requirement for all new staff, students and volunteers within our program to provide them with an overview of our history." Patricia Spadetto, Prevention/Early Intervention Supervisor, Timiskaming Brighter Futures

"I have very much appreciated the Centre's ability to respond to our request for evaluation support in such a timely and sensitive manner...As a very busy program manager, it is so nice to find an organization that is actually able to take some work off my plate. They are also able to make the whole process of evaluation educational, transparent, empowering to participants, nonthreatening to staff and very enjoyable. " Jennifer Sells, Program Manager, Bruce Grey Brighter Futures

I have been involved with the Centre almost since the time of its inception. I have had the pleasure of working with centre staff and all 3 of the centre coordinators on several different research projects dealing with special services at home for families who have a member with a developmental disability, support services for people with physical disabilities, and community mental health services and supports for people who have experienced serious mental health issues. The Centre and our Community Psychology program at Laurier have also partnered in training graduate students in community psychology. Two of the centre coordinators have taught courses in our graduate program and have served as advisors on thesis committees; numerous students have worked with the Centre over the years for their practicum placements and/or for the their thesis research; and some of the graduates of our program have worked for the Centre. I also participated as a member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for several years.

The Centre has been a pioneer in participatory, action-oriented, and qualitative research. I have learned a great deal about this approach from Centre staff, as have community psychology graduate students and numerous groups and organizations around the province and the country...What stands out the most to me is the people who work for and with the Centre. This is truly a wonderful group of people, who are very caring, compassionate, committed to social change, and competent in their work. This group creates an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone who enters

What Student Interns Say About CCBR

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"I completed my Master of Public Health practicum with the Centre for Community Based Research. CCBR's commitment to the values of community based research is evident: they live out these values within the organization even as they practice them in their research. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the Centre for Community Based Research; it was an enriching experience, both professionally and personally. I would strongly recommend the Centre for Community Based Research as a practicum setting to students who are interested in learning the theory and process of community based research and community development by participating in its practical application as a member of a multi-disciplinary research team. Steve van de Hoef, Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer, Christian Reformed Church in North America

What community members say about CCBR

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"Being invited to take the role of chairperson for this study was important since most consumers don't have the experience or the skills to take on that role. I've had that role for four years and learned skills and have had experiences that I would not have been able to experience in any other way. I'd like to thank the Centre for giving me the opportunity to learn these skills and giving people like myself the opportunity to be part of such a study. Being involved with the Centre in a number of activities after the study has been rewarding and encouraging." Alex Troeger, Consumer Survivor Initiative steering committee member

What people say about CCBR events

"Incredible energy and enthusiasm from presenters. I would attend future events such as this." -CCBR workshop participant

"I want to extend my gratitude to you and your research team for conducting a research project that is so inspiring and much needed." -CCBR conference participant

"I'm inspired - want to get more involved." -CCBR forum participant

"The conference was well worth the drive from Toronto to Kitchener." -CCBR conference participant

"Congratulations on a wonderful [forum] was the kind of event I never thought I would see happening in K-W...I believe everyone left with a rejuvenated feeling...that yes, we can do it and this time it will work; there was a lot of 'hope' in the room." -CCBR forum participant

"I would like to thank you...A tremendous success! Very informative, entertaining and interesting." -CCBR conference participant

What people say about CCBR staff

"Thank you for the opportunity to work in such a supportive yet challenging environment... allowing me to make mistakes, to learn and to challenge myself to do better "-Former employee

"I want to thank you for such a wonderful class and practicum experience ...being so supportive and always able and open to share your guidance. You have made my year! "-Practicum student

"Many times you went above and beyond the traditional role of an advisor & for that I am truly grateful" -Graduate student

"Thank you for nurturing me and for providing me with so many opportunities to grow." -Community researcher

"I am so impressed by your integrity, balance and dedicated spirit. You make me want to be the best I can be." -Former employee