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Creating a better future for communities through research

Publications from the Women's Research Centre

CCBR holds publications of the Women's Research Centre (1973-2000). Contact to order these classics.

Keeping on Track: An evaluation guide for community groups.
Diana Ellis, Gayla Reid, Jan Barnsley (1990)
This evaluation handbook is a step-by-step guide to develop, design and analyse evaluation data with an emphasis on participant focused evaluation for community groups.
84 pages $15.95

Strategies for change: from women's experience to a plan for action.
Debra J. Lewis, Jan Barnsley (1992)
This book is intended to assist women's groups in developing strategies for change in the areas of women's issues.
94 pages $15.00

Listening to the thunder: Advocates talk about the battered Women's movement.
Jan Barnsley, Janet Freeman, Marilyn Maiza Gutierrez-Diez, Ninu Kang, Jeannie Lowe, Deborah Prieur, Leslie Timmins. (1995)
This book analysis and discusses the Canadian women's movement and the successes and struggles of the movement.
297 pages $17.95