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City Kidz Evaluation

Project Details:

Project Name: City Kidz Evaluation
Funder: World Vision
Start of Project: Jun 1st, 2012
Project Description: The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the outcomes and implementation of City Kidz’ core programs for children living in poverty in Hamilton, and to identify future directions for improving on and replicating these programs in low-income communities across Canada.
Theme Area: Cultural Diversity, Family Support and Early Childhood Development, Organizational Capacity Building
Geographic Scope: Local
Service Area(s): Evaluation
Team Leader: Rich Janzen
Team Member(s):

Presentations and Workshops:

Academic Conferences

Janzen, R. & Araujo, L. (2013) Measuring Hope for Children Living in Poverty: Engaging Stakeholders in evaluation at City Kidz. CUExpo2013 Conference. Corner Brook, Nfld.(link)


Technical Reports:

Janzen, R., Nguyen, N. & Aruajo, L. (2013). Assessing the City Kidz Saturday Survey Tool. Kitchener, ON: Centre for Community Based Research.

Janzen, R., Aruajo, L., Stobbe, A. & Nguyen, N. (2013). City kidz: Evaluation of City Kidz Core Programs: Final Report. Kitchener, ON: Centre for Community Based Research.

Published Articles:

Janzen, R., Nguyen N., Stobbe, A. & Araujo, L. (2015). Assessing the value of inductive and deductive outcome measures in community-based organizations: Lessons from the City Kidz evaluation. Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation. 30(1).