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YWCA Kitchener Waterloo Strategic Planning

Project Details:

Project Name: YWCA Kitchener Waterloo Strategic Planning
Funder: YWCA Kitchener Waterloo
Start of Project: Sep 1st, 2012
Project Description: A CCBR associate and research team facilitated the development of a three to five year strategic plan for the Kitchener Waterloo YWCA by gathering community and stakeholder input. This strategic plan will take effect January 2013.
Theme Area: Other, Women's Issues
Geographic Scope: Local
Service Area(s): Facilitation and Planning
Team Leader: Darcy Farlow
Team Member(s): Joanna Ochocka, Liliana Araujo


Technical Reports:

Farlow, D., Araujo, L. & Walker, J. (2013). Strategic plan 2013 – 2018: A living document. Kitchener, ON: D’Arcy Farlow Consulting & Centre for Community Based Research.