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Shibogama Family Healing Centre

Project Details:

Project Name: Shibogama Family Healing Centre
Funder: Shibogama Health Authority
Start of Project: Jun 1st, 2013
Project Description: CCBR conducted a needs assessment and action plan for a Family Healing Centre and Land-Based Healing services operated by the Shibogama Health Authority.
Theme Area: Aboriginal, Health Promotion, Mental Health and Addictions
Geographic Scope: Provincial
Service Area(s): Applied Research
Team Leader: James Popham
Team Member(s): Joanna Ochocka


Technical Reports:

Popham, J.,Ochocka, J., Janzen, R., Sanderson, N. & Abidi, M. (2013). Shibogama Familiy Healing Centre. Kitchener, ON: Centre for Community Based Research.