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Bridging the Gap Project for Women Entrepreneurs

Project Details:

Project Name: Bridging the Gap Project for Women Entrepreneurs
Funder: WMRCC of Durham
Start of Project: Aug 1st, 2015
Project Description:

The purpose of the Bridging the Gap project is to reduce the systemic gender-based barriers (economic (e.g., loans), social, and institutional (e.g., access to community resources)) that women face in business and to ensure equal opportunities for economic prosperity. This will happen over four phases: (1) Building Partnerships; (2) Engaging Women Entrepreneurs; (3) Making Gender Equality Our Priority and Developing Best Practices; (4) Bringing All Parties Together to Share Outcomes and Plan for Sustainability.

The purpose of the evaluation is to focus on the outcomes achieved by the project, while also looking at the project processes. CCBR will evaluate three out of the four phases (1, 2, and 4).

Data will primarily be collected by WRMCC staff, with CCBR researchers responsible for tool development, data analysis, and report writing.Methods include program tracking, intake forms, questionnaires for community partners, a survey for women entrepreneurs, focus groups for women entrepreneurs, and staff interviews.
Theme Area: Cultural Diversity
Geographic Scope:
Service Area(s): Evaluation
Team Leader: Alethea Stobbe
Team Member(s): Joanna Ochocka, Kyla English